Welcome to the Reiki Journey!

The Reiki Journey is a comprehensive and valuable tool for your Reiki and meditation practices.  Drawing upon the work and experience of Ginny Mackles, The Reiki Journey takes the listener through guided meditations, incorporating Reiki techniques and the Reiki Precepts.

Choose from a varied selection, from a simple and relaxing, Zen-inspired meditation to a guided journey up Mt. Kurama, Japan, said to be the birthplace of Reiki.  Whether you are new to meditation and Reiki, or a seasoned practitioner, The Reiki Journey has the right fit for you.


Track after Track, I notice a sense of well-being and balance that I never was able to achieve on my own.

This CD is a valuable support for my meditation and Reiki practice. I’m also learning to recite the Reiki Precepts in Japanese with the help of this CD.”                     

-- Deborah A, Reiki Master

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